Abbott Answering Service

An Answering Service Who Cares About
Your Business and Your Needs
Services We Provide

Abbott Answering Service offers a number of services and customizes your account to fit the needs of your business.  Some of these services include: 

Personalized Answer Phrase: We can consistently answer your calls exactly as you do during your business hours.  You choose how you would like us to answer your calls.

Accurate Personalized Messages:  When answering your phone, our operators receive personalized prompts to ensure that a correct and thorough message is obtained.  We can customize the information based upon your businesses needs.   

Friendly and Courteous Operators: Our employees are trained professionals who answer all calls efficiently.  People answering people!  There is no electronically recorded cold message that can discourage potential business. 

24 Hour Check-in Service:  This allows you to keep in touch with you business from anywhere, anytime.

Message Transfer:  At your request, messages can be transferred or copied to your business associates who can aid in satisfying your customers' needs.

Call Patching:  You can request that important calls be transferred directly to you.  

Message Audit:  Each time your messages are taken or delivered to you, they are time stamped with the date, time, and operator initials, so you can efficiently manage your messages.  

Security: Only authorized personnel can access your business information. Check-in codes can be setup and changed. 

Message Retrieval:  Your messages are saved and stored for a period of one full year and can be accessed for you at anytime.  

Client Customer Service:  Our office managers are available 24 hours a day to take your questions and address any concerns/needs you have.